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Our Mission: Building community power and connection

through care.

PEOPLE'S CRISIS LINE was born out of a growing need to support community members, and each other, in the fight for racial justice, Black liberation, Indigenous sovereignty, and abolition. In full alignment and solidarity with the global Black Lives Matter movement, People's Crisis Line provides community-based peer support with the aim to decrease police contact, involvement, or interaction.


As we mourn the loss of countless Black community members to police brutality, People’s Crisis Line actively works to break down systems of oppression, construct new structures of care, build collective power, and create a sense of community safety that prevents further harm and invests in Black futures.

PEOPLE'S CRISIS LINE is a volunteer-run, grass roots, autonomous organization that works with the community to respond to needs. We embrace the principles of transformative justice and follow the wisdom of Black leaders, elders, activists, and abolitionists.


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